My Story


I've been a Financial Advisor since 1987 and have developed a philosophy and a strategy that I try to bring to every client, referral, or contact I meet . . .  “Plan for the future, but don't live there.” We all must find a balance between living our lives in the present and doing so in a way that will ensure our comfortable and secure future.

My mother passed away at age 62. That by coincidence, was the day her first Social Security check arrived. She was a Saint. She was beloved by all and I don't think there was a mean bone in her body. She was a member of the local church for 50 years, worked as a nurse in the local retirement home, was a board member of AAA and volunteered for countless other positions. She worked hard, but the payoff never came for her.

My father was a dentist in Lindstrom, MN. He was selling his practice and in the process of phasing out of dentistry at the time of my mother's death. He was 65, and he was crushed. His retirement took on a very different look and feel. He thought that the average life expectancy for a male was 76, therefore, he instructed me to make sure he had enough income and assets to get there. He had already set an end point. I don't think he was looking to the future with much optimism.

What he did find, however, was a second life. The year he turned  83  was the first year that he did not go out “west” to do his “winter” routine as a ski instructor in Steamboat, Colorado. The reason he did not return, is that he found a second love and spent the winter being spoiled with food and friends in Auburndale, FL. His health was great and I don't think he has ever enjoyed life more. He passed in April 2018 at the age of 88...surrounded by his loved ones. 

In my career, I have lived vicariously through the lives of my clients and contacts, and have learned many things along the way. The one thing that I know for sure, is that just like the stock market, life will fluctuate. Life is a great ride, one that is filled with triumphs and travails. We must all figure out how to implement a “level” life strategy and financial plan. One that will give us the best chance of success and the least amount of risk. One that allows for an appreciation of what we have now, and also a plan to help preserve and grow that precious gift for the future.