Financial Education


I provide unbiased and generic financial information to employees through employer sponsored classes and seminars.

Studies have shown that when employees can understand and manage their financial situation, it translates to increased employee wellness and productivity.

The program is easy to implement, low to no cost, and can help to attract and retain high value employees.

At the conclusion of each seminar the presenter will offer all attendees the opportunity to meet with a Focus Financial advisor for an optional planning session.

It is our commitment that your employees find value in their time spent with us as many others have in the past! Optional Planning Session

Focus Financial's optional planning session serves as an extension of our education program. This is a no cost, no obligation session that is offered to all attendees as a way to individually answer questions and provide strategies. 
As a result of meeting with an advisor, individuals will receive a written financial plan that will provide solutions toward achieving their goals. This meeting is completely informational, and individuals are not obligated to implement the strategies presented.

  • Education is only truly valuable when it is applied.
  • Employees who choose a one-on-one planning session with a financial advisor will:
  • Review their current financial situation and portfolio along with other pieces of their financial picture such as taxes, wills, and trusts.
  • Set financial goals.
  • Learn additional financial concepts specific to their situation.
  • Identify financial strengths and weaknesses